(1) Customs                                              

    A traveler is allowed to carry objects for his own use, including a camera, a portable record player, a small video camera, a portable VCR as well as a portable word-processing machine. A traveler must declare to the Customs office if he carries more than one piece in any one of the above-mentioned items. The traveler should take the same declared object back when on the return trip. 

    When carrying or consigning gold, silver or related products bought within China for shipment, the permit will be granted by the Customs office according to the "specialized invoice" made and issued by the People's Bank of China. 

    A traveler is allowed to carry less than 6000 yuan RMB when leaving China. 

    China's Cultural and Administrative Authorities should appraise the cultural relics carried outside of China by the traveler who is to declare to the Customs office in detail about what is carried. 

    When carrying Chinese traditional medicinal materials or Chinese traditional patent medicine bought with foreign currency and in reasonable amounts, the permit will be granted by the Customs office according to the dispatch list of relevant institutions and foreign exchange receipt. 

Forbidden objects inbound: 

, Various weapons, ammunition as well as explosives 

, Fake currency 

, Printed objects, films, photos, discs, movies, tapes, videos, VCDs, CD-ROMs or other objects that may have negative effects on China's politics, economy, culture and ethics. 

, Various deadly poisons 

, Narcotics, drugs and mental medicines 

, Animals, plants and other products that are carrying dangerous virus, vermin and 

other harmful organisms. 

, Food, medicine and other products that are detrimental to human and animal health and can communicate diseases. 

Forbidden Objects Outbound: 

, All the forbidden objects inbound. 

, Manuscripts, printed objects, films, photos, films, tapes, VCDs, CD-ROMs and other objects that involve state secrets. 

, Valuable cultural relics and other relics that are not allowed to be carried outside China. 

, Precious and endangered animals and plants (including specimens). 

The seeds and reproduction materials of them are also forbidden.

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