(2) Information for inbound persons                    
    Inbound travelers must carry effective passports, visas and other effective travel credentials. 

    They must abide by Chinese laws, and must not jeopardize China's State Security, social and public interests, social and public order, must not seek employment and conduct interview without permission. 

    They must fill in registration forms for temporary lodging and register when checking in to any hotels. The procedures must be completed with 24 hours upon arrival in town and 72 hours upon arrival in the countryside. 

    They must leave the country within validity term of the visas, certificates or other travel credentials, otherwise must apply to local public security department for extension before the term expires. 

    They are advised to take care of travel credentials and personal belongings. Keep valuable objects in the front desk during stay in hotel. Report to local public security agencies in time in case of loss of any certificates or objects. 

    Entry and Exit Administration Division of Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shaodong Tel: 6915454-2454

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