(16) Medical Service Institutions                   

Every hotel has a clinic for simple treatments. In case of emergency, dial 120 or contact the following hospital that we recommend: 

Shandong Shengli Hospital 

Add: #324 Jingwuweiqi Road, Shizhong District Tel:7938911 

Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical University 

Add: #107 Wenhuaxi Road, Lixia District Tel:6921941 

Jinan Central Hospital 

Add: #105 Jiefang Road, Lixia District Tel:6947881-2 

Jinan Women & Children Health Care Hospital 

Add: 2 Jianguoxiaojingsan Road, Shizhong District Tel: 2011448 

Jinan Epidemic Disease Hospital 

Add: 173 Jingshi Road, Shizhong District Tel:7935971-3 

Jinan Central Blood Station 

Add: #127 Jingliuweisan Road, Shizhong District Tel:7934847 

Jinan Emergency Station 

Add: #23 Shengli Avenue, Shizhong District Tel:6920953

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