On behalf of all of CSTS, Welcome! We hope you are ready to embark on an exciting journey full of new traditions, cultures and cuisine. China is a millenia-old civilization blessed with deep history, vast culture and breathtaking scenery. With more to offer than could be seen an entire lifetime, China offers a mindblowing experience for anyone willing to leap into an adventure.

     At nine and a half million square kilometers, China is only slightly smaller than the United States. It holds more than two thousand lakes, two hundred and twenty thousand miles of river and a bit over five thousand islands. Of these, many are extraordinarily beautiful and pristine. More well known scenic locations include the vast Great Wall, ancient Teracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City in Beijing. Still others include the strange but beautiful mountains of Guilin and the idyllic Yangtze River.

     Traveling to the far reaches of the Earth means coming into contact with wildly different lifestyles to which you and your family may be unaccustomed, and China is no exception. A trip here is definitely not suitable for those who expect everything to go exactly as planned. In fact, the variety of surprises and little inconveniences that come with foreign travel will often make for an exciting, eventful and wholly unique experience. Customer comfort is our highest priority, but we can still guarantee you plenty of enjoyable and wholly unforgettable surprises.

     CSTS offers affordable and comfortable travel to many famous and beautiful locations. Whether it be to the Dragon Gate in Kunming, the Potala Palace in Tibet or the seashore of Qingdao, we promise to bring you there in comfort. All of our guides are highly qualified, with extensive abilities in English and a deep understanding of Chinese culture and history. For groups of over six people, we offer national guides who will accompany customers their entire time in China, even in transit. In addition, we provide lodging in three to four star hotels, meals, and all transportation. For adventurous customers, we even offer ¡°add-on¡± excursions to other cities outside of the normally scheduled events.

     We look forward to hosting your trip to China! For more information, please refer to the information below to contact one of our many offices.


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Head-office:Suite D7-2,Chee Loo Int¡¯l Mansion,180 Quancheng Road, Lixia District, jinan, Shandong Province, P.R.China
TEL:+86-400-660-7989    +86-531-82607659